Clean Living: 8 Rappers Who Say They Don’t Smoke The Sticky Icky

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Rappers Who Say They Don't Smoke

Rappers talk about the sticky icky on a regular basis. It's the biggest thing they talk about..besides slores and shooting people in the face. Given this inevitable fact, you'd think that every rapper indulges in the greenery but that's not actually the they say. There are plenty of self-proclaimed sober rappers in the game. Take a look...
40 40 Ten Year Jay-Z - He has always said that he rarely smokes. With all the professional business he has going on, we can see why.
50-cent-chelsea-handler-kiss 50 Cent - He's always said he was sober. But that S-curl he had suggests otherwise.
080312-shows-106-park-kendrick-lamar-1-300x168 Kendrick Lamar - K. Dot had a bad doobie when he was a teenager and has stayed away since.
2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals Nicki Minaj - She doesn't do the green stuff...apparently.
vibe-kid-cudi-need-for-speed Kid Cudi - He quit back in 2011 but his music is just as trippy.
eminem-gun-bang Eminem - He gave up all the medicinals when he had his health scare a few years back.
yelawolf rihanna Yelawolf - He quit due to anxiety we can't speak on the other medicinals in his repertoire.
jcole J. Cole - Smoking was a phase to him in college but he's apparently over it.

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