Update: The Game’s Baby Mama Tiffney Apologizes To “Bad Nanny” For His Instagram Gone H.A.M. Antics!!!

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Fawk a gossiping azz rapper thug for real!

Over the weekend The-Game, aka Jayceon Taylor unleashed a tirade of histrionics toward his former nanny Karen Monroe — she’s since sought legal representation from Manu J. Elloie. who says he’s already reached out to The Game and his legal representation to resolve their issues.

Speaking exclusively with BOSSIP.com Elloie said, “We have not heard back yet from Mr. Taylor’s legal representation, but we have reached out about rectifying the situation. We’ve already sent letters out and are sitill in the process of sending letters to have the damaging comments removed from various websites. We’re trying to stop the bleeding so to speak.”

While Ms. Monroe has yet to file a slander/defamation civil suit against Taylor, Elloie says she has not ruled out that option.

“These are serious allegations that have been put forth,”Elloie told BOSSIP. “At this time we’re not making a statement. We’re we’re reaching out to get this matter resolved as quickly as possible so both parties can move forward.”

In the meantime, the mother of The The Game’s youngest two children Tiffney Cambridge has reached out to their former nanny to console her over the social media embarrassment.

Hit the flip to see her text message.


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