Clapback Queen: 9 Of Rihanna’s Most Epic Ether Moments

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rihanna-karrueche-diss-rice-cake Rihanna is quick to put a beyotch in check. Here are 9 of Rihanna's most epic clapback moments.
rihannaatttacksfanover family We can't blame Ri Ri for this one. If someone came at our family, we would take their head off. We're just glad the poor girl didn't kill herself after this.
rihanna and ciara twitte war As mean as this was, Rihanna was right. Ciara can't book that stage. All she can do is get served papers on one. Ouch.
rihanna-karrueche-diss-rice-cake "Sweeter than the rice cake." Rihanna has shaded Karrueche so many times it's not even funny.
rihanna amanda bynes You know you're the ether queen when you shut down Amanda Bynes with one sentence.
rihanna jr smith J.R. Smith is a desert thirsty ninja. He plays for the Knicks and they haven't won a championship in like 40 years.
rihanna got a thing for a king Got a thing for a king, but you not a king. Oh the shade sessions between Ri Ri and Breezy were epic. Breezy is not a king. He is a spoiled, troubled prince who needs Jesus.
rihanna shades ciara on instagram melissa forde instagram pic Ri Ri can barely sing her damn self, but Ciara is much worse. When we hear Ciara sing, we can't help but wonder if she phucked someone to get her record deal.
rihann wweak bitch Who overdoses on the sticky icky though?
cause i'm black bitch This might have been her first clapback session. You can put this isht on a T-shirt and sell it. Classic.

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