Rocks At The Throne: Celebrities Who Clap Back At People On Twitter

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Celebrities Who Insult Fans On Twitter

Sometimes you just don’t want to go in on the wrong celebrity. Most celebrities will ignore the crazy fans but others will clap back with a vengeance. So you may want to watch who you step to or it can get ugly. Take a look at celebrities you don’t want to cross.

rihanna got a thing for a king Rihanna – She’s the most notorious clapper back on Twitter. Come at her and she’ll hurt your soul.

Topshop Topman LA opening party Chris Brown – He goes in on any and every fan that comes across him. And his army does, too.

erykah-badu-435 Erykah Badu – She recently spazzed on someone who tried her on Instagram. Don’t come at Badu, boo.

TheDream The-Dream – He just had to check a fan who said his album flopped. Sensitive?

minaj Nicki Minaj – You ever see her and her Barbz launch an attack? Sheesh.

Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant – He answers all of his replies so he’s down to mix it up. But he’s fallen back in recent months.

keri crop Keri Hilson – She once went in on a twitter rant responding to some Beyonce fans who hurled insults at her.

Keisha Cole Sister and Keisha Cole Keyshia Cole – She fought fans over her Beyonce hatred…and felt their wrath.

2013 NFL Draft Party Wale – One of the most sensitive rappers in the game is always looking for fans that made him cry. Poor guy.


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