Quote Of The Day: Orlando Jones On Looking Like Solange Knowles “It Hurts My Heart When I Hear That… For Her”

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Awwwww… dayummm. Why’d they have to go and ask him that???? Poor lil Orlando Jones says he feels bad for Solange Knowles when people tell him they look like!

In an interview with The UrbanDaily.com Jones said:

“Solange Knowles is so beautiful it actual hurts my heart when I hear that..for her. Because she’s beautiful,” he says. “It’s just one of those weird things and people jumped on it and I feel bad for her. It kills me every time I hear it so I cannot support this. I love that chick too much.”

Even though he insists that she beats him out in the looks department he thinks it’s possible they may have come from the same tribe back in the Mother Land.

“We might be and if so, what a blessed tribe to be in. I have love for the whole family. What they’ve accomplished is historic. You can’t not love it.”

SMH. Mathew Knowles needs to call Maury…


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