Put On Blast: D-Low Nikko Says Stevie J Was A Broke Azz Homeless Bum Before LHHATL – “He Was Wearing Joseline’s Boyfriend’s Clothes!”

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Nikko says Steebie started from bottom of the bottom…

Nikko Says Stevie J Was Broke And Homeless Before Doing Reality TV

The male bird beef between LHHATL lover boys Nikko and Stevie J has been brewing since the season started, and looks to have escalated over the las few weeks as the season winds down and the foolery amps up.

Nikko recently stopped by The Streetz 94.5 Morning Grind radio show in ATL, and he didn’t hesitate to put go all the way in on Stevie J for making it rain on Mimi once she moved on with him:

via Streetz 94.5

On Stevie buying Mimi a car:
“I ‘Presidential-Rolexed’ [her]’cause I got it for some stacks. But what guy do you know, that’s gonna give a woman a rolex 6 months in to situation where you knew she was still caught up in her past?

You gotta understand something too like, no disrespect but, I gotta keep it real…what makes Mimi worthy of a rolex? I gave it to her cause that’s what I wanted to do because I saw that homie wasn’t giving her NOTHING expensive.

As soon as I came into the picture, he want’s to give her a car. He did the whole last year with her, never gave her anything. Nothing expensive at all. Now he wanna give her a car, cause I gave her a rolex? Really? If I can make you do that, what you gonna buy her next, a house?

Sooooo Nikko airs out Steebie J for trying to one-up him when he saw another man doing nice things for her…..in the same breath that he admits that the only reason he bought her nice things was because he knew Stevie wasn’t doing it. Oh.

Hit the flip to hear Nikko put Steebie’s pre-LHHATL struggle life on full blast…

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