Try And Try Again Pt. 1: Artists Who Have NEVER Put Out A Good Album

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Artists Who Have Never Released A Good Album

We don’t know how people do it. They get to release whatever the hell sort of album they want with no issues even though they suck. These artists just haven’t gotten it right. They’ve released albums and not a single one was good.

How is that possible?

Ace Hood

Ace Hood – Sure his singles are great, but his whole albums? No thank you.


Nicki Minaj – Both of her albums were totally overrated. They sound like long shampoo commercials.


Flo-Rida – He’s got pop hits and crappy albums. Fact.


Benzino – Yes, he rapped for a while. And it was all bad. All. Bad.


French Montana – Frenchie’s debut was basura. And we don’t see that changing.


Chingy – His two albums with DTP were garbage despite the dope singles. Too bad.


Fergie – She ruined the Black Eyed Peas and her own album. Hopefully she’s done.


Trina – You ever actually listen to her albums? They have a few hits but they’re mostly vulgar, grating chaos.


Birdman – Never. Why does he even rap?


Fat Joe – Skinny Joe. Fat Joe. It doesn’t matter. Buddy has nothing but duds.


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