Ne-Yo Comes Out the Closet About Whitney Houston’s New Album

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Neyo and Whitney

Ne-Yo is telling people that Whitney’s got her mind right, and only wants to focus on the positive music:

He says, “People are expecting something fantastic and I think they are going to get it. Whitney doesn’t want any sad songs on this record. She isn’t going for tear jerkers. She’s happy raising her children and wants her music to reflect that. It’s already sounding great”.

You are right Ne-Yo. We don’t want to hear about how she beat the crack monster, and her divorce, or her stupid healing. We want to hear about this wonderful life she has had, and the way she just breezed by the last 10 yrs to this point. SMH




    He is Gay…




    I’m chasing U Nikki U from room to room. Damn U quick baby slow down.



  • The Bear - "Someone will have to pay for the innocent blood that is shed everyday"

    Well…. lets hear it then!!! We’ll be the judges.

    Neyo (as suspect as he may be) is the most sought after producer in the game right now. Kinda like Babyface used to be back in the day.

  • Raquel29

    HAHAHAHA…wouldnt it have been FUNNY if the ABOUT WHITNEY HOUSTONS NEW ALBUM was deleted?

    Thats the REAL damn topic. With his terradactyl (sp)looking dome.

  • http://bossip Ms Dee

    Bossip you had me!!!!!

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Well, well, well, TOP TEN AGAIN you dirty little hood ratZ! !!! !!

  • Bill Bigsby

    sarcasm bossip?lol

  • soulwoman

    I wish he would shut up.

  • wvm

    oh bossip,stfu please.just be happy for whitney now that she’s back on track and ready to redeem @ the caption btw.he’s still in the closet.

  • rome

    kids? She has 1 if you don’t even know that about her maybe you shouldn’t be speaking on it in public.

  • Anna


    kids? She has 1 if you don’t even know that about her maybe you shouldn’t be speaking on it in public
    Are they counting Ray J now? LOL.


    Happy, my ass. Didn’t Bobbi Kristina try to stab her with a butcher knife the other day???

  • Alaskan Baby

    gee willikers

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