The Splits: The Inside Stories On Why Your Favorite Groups Broke Up

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The Stories On Why These Music Groups Broke Up

Andre 3000 once rapped that he was "sour cuz my favorite group ain't coming with it"...and we know the feeling. When our favorite groups split up, it makes us feel like total crap. And most of the time we don't even know why they broke up in the first place. So if you ever wanted to know, here's the inside scoop.
Destiny's_child_get_on_the_bus Destiny's Child - LaToya and Latavia wanted to fire Matthew Knowles and hire their own managers as he was only concerned with Beyonce. But he fired back by firing them.
forever r and b concert 3 230912 Dru Hill - They all had a plan to go solo then join back as a group. But only Sisquo was successful and they never saw eye to eye when they got back.
b2k-reunion-e1333300558619 B2K - They split when everyone but Omarion felt they were getting screwed in terms of money paid out.
NSync N'Sync - J Timberlake said "screw these guys I'm going solo" and it fell apart from there.
naturi-former-3lw-as891a7b 3LW - They broke up over a food fight. Seriously.
may26_prettyricky Pretty Ricky - They felt like Pleasure P was being too much of a star and getting all the money. Then...other things happened but that's neither here nor there.
danitykane Danity Kane - Diddy wasn't having any of that drama so he split them up on his own.
hot-boys-guerilla-warfare-mannie-fresh The Hot Boyz - Wayne got a big head and split from the group. While the rest of them fell off, he went on to work with Baby and them. Things haven't ever been the same since.

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