Don’t Go Chasing… T-Boz Responds To TLC Backlash Over ‘Waterfalls’ Remix Without Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

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What is TLC without Left Eye?

T-Boz Responds To TLC Backlash

In honor of the groups’ 20th anniversary, remaining TLC group members Chilli and T-Boz recorded a new version of their 90′s hit “Waterfalls” for their fans in Japan……..and replaced Left Eye’s verse with one from another, local Japanese artist.

T-Boz took to her Twitter account to respond to angry fans who accused her and Chilli of disrespect by replacing Left Eye in the remix.


@JKingOfOneself its a tribute TO Lisa in her lyrics…don’t believe the hype

#Shhhhh with a special finger if u don’t know what ur talking about! Don’t believe the hype…

@Tupacaveli u don’t know what ur talkin about bless your heart you’ll see soon enough it’s in Lisa’s words its a Tribute to her not replaced

@Tupacaveli plus this is the Japan’s homage 2 her y’all better learn… we’re not allowed 2 play Lisa’s version we werent allowed the rights

@Tupacaveli oh we know the truth u lil birdies just wait you’ll see. The family WAS told boom

Do you think T-Boz and Chilli should still be performing as TLC without Left Eye?



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