True Inspiration: 10 BEST Celebrity Role Models For Young Girls

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Janelle Monae Female celebs are more influential to young girls than ever before in celeb-obsessed America. While it’s true that celebs shouldn’t be responsible for raising America’s youth (which they do), it’s our reality in a country where deeply-flawed fame monsters are idolized by millions. Here are the ten best celebrity role models for young girls. Take a look.
michelle-obama-0062a25b90923d001c148e47db566d579d0cdde8-s6-c30 Michelle Obama She’s a highly-successful professional Black woman, loving mother and wife to the most powerful man in the world who effortlessly embodies quiet strength and class as America’s First Lady. Photo credit: NPR
Oprah Winfrey plagiarism Oprah Mother O started from the absolute bottom in Mississippi and overcame several impossible obstacles to be one of the wealthiest human beings on Earth. If that’s not inspiring, nothing is.
janelle feat Janelle Monae The gleefully-quirky starlet is beautiful without ever objectifying herself, unique without being overly-pretentious and incredibly-talented in a misogyny-fueled music industry.
Gabby Douglas book feat Gabby Douglas The Gold-medal winning gymnast dominated the Olympics with pure talent and grace while her own people attempted to tear her down because of her “un-did” hair. True champion.
jennifer-hudson-16x9 Jennifer Hudson The incredibly-talented singer/actress from southside Chicago worked at Burger King before rising to superstardom. Her inspirational story has everything: Struggle, rejection, pain and ultimate triumph.
Angela+Simmons+Zang+Toi+Front+Row+Spring+2012+lthPbDULYfOl Angela Simmons Born into Hip-Hop royalty, she’s the fresh face of entrepreneurism who designs and runs the popular shoe brand Pastry (with sister Vanessa) and served as editor of Angela's Rundown (monthly teen lifestyle mag).
Snapshot-Tia-and-Tamera-Mowry-For-Essence-April-2013 Tia Mowry At 34, she’s one of the most successful female entertainers of her era (along with her twin sister, Tamera) with a brilliant business mind, work ethic and undeniable charm.
Keke-Palmer-072512 Keke Palmer With “True Jackson, VP,” the stunning young actress gave little brown girls hope that they, too, could be high-level executives in male-dominated industries. Photo credit: Instagram
serena-williams-1024x798 Serena Williams She’s one of the greatest female athletes ever whose incredible work ethic and dedication are inspirations to young female athletes everywhere. Photo credit: Instagram
Zonnique+Pullins+UywhkeccsdVm Zonnique Pullins T.I. Huxtable’s talented step-daughter (1/3 of tweeny-bop girl group OMG girlz) proves that young Black women can be cool, stylish and beautiful without being mostly-naked and trashy.

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