The X-Factor: 9 Most Unappreciated R&B Group Members

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51ni4VA4rDL Every successful R&B group has three essential pieces: Talented face of the group, worthless member and X-factor like those on this list. Without each role played perfectly, the group fades to Black before we even know their names (See: Electrik Red). Earlier this year, we presented the most worthless R&B group members ever, and now, the unappreciated X-factors of iconic R&B groups. Here are the nine most unappreciated R&B group members. Take a look.
Enter+The+Dru Jazz, Dru Hill While Sisqo was doing glittery cartwheels and splits, the silky-voiced teddy bear carried the legendary R&B collective on his back, vocally, and made husky cool again one “Tell Me” toe-lift at a time.
tlc Chilli, TLC Without Left Eye, there’s no TLC. No T-Boz? LC would’ve replaced her chainsawwy vocals easily. No Chili? TL would’ve struggled to find the balance, elegance and charm that Chilli provided during their run.
destinys-child-number-1s-1302020596-1 Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child Let’s be real, Kelendria is a waaaaaay better group member/role player than solo artist who gave the mega-successful group authenticity, undeniable vocals and strength. kelly-rowland-kiss-down-low-music-video-05 Always a Supreme, never Diana Ross? Story of Kelly Rowland’s career.
tumblr_lx7inc0ROU1qj3tqio1_cover DeVante Swing, Jodeci The founding member of Jodeci was all up in the videos, all on the records, dancin’ (in shimmery leather) but never vocally contributed to the iconic group’s sound. Some say he’s useless (like Mr. Dalvin) but he DID write many of the group’s biggest hits.
album-off-the-hook LaTocha Scott, Xscape Xscape's timeless brand of Hoodrat Soul combined with LaTocha Scott’s incredible vocals made them iconic. Why she’s not more relevant than she is, we’ll probably never know.
tumblr_lonzheCOW11qduzuio1_cover Shazam, H-Town His only purpose in H-Town was to swoop onto records from the shadows and hit ONE epic, life-changing high note. Best one-note R&B singer ever? No question.
rnb8 Michael McCary, Boyz II Men He provided the timeless baritone shoo-doops for one of the greatest male R&B groups ever without ever being in the spotlight. True team player.
tumblr_ltrl2bjDLN1qbk3bso1_cover Daron, 112 He was basically 112’s DeVante Swing who hummed while everyone else harmonized and wrote the group’s greatest hits. Pay homage.
tumblr_m9pzh881Q71qduzuio1_1346584846_cover Big Mike, Day26 He was almost "too fat" to make the band but worked his way into shape and became the messy group’s most emotionally-stable member.

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