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Senator Barack Obama is now apologizing for an attack memo on Hillary Clinton that was leaked from his camp:

Obama was working the apology phones today and planning a formal apology, distancing himself from the memo, which was headlined, “HILLARY CLINTON (D-PUNJAB)’S PERSONAL FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL TIES TO INDIA,” It was prepared by the campaign’s opposition research department and distributed to reporters last week in exchange for a promise that reporters not reveal the source. So much for trusting the reporters. The memo got out. How? A reporter showed it to the Clinton campaign, who showed it to more reporters without seeking anonymity. So the original source was outted.

“In sum, our campaign made a mistake. Although I was not aware of the contents of the memo prior to its distribution, I consider the entire campaign – and in particular myself – responsible for the mistake. We have taken appropriate action to prevent errors like this from happening in the future.”

It was an honest mistake…we’re still rolling with Barack.  He just needs to make sure he tightens up that staff a bit.



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