Tavis Smiley Talks About Jay-Z and TI: “With Them Negroes, Anything Can Happen”

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Tavis Smiley is joining the calling of putting the rap community on blast. While jibbing with M.I.A. about her pregnancy, labor pains and her joy from getting to performing with big named rapper TI at the Grammy’s, he decided to get out of pocket:

M.I.A.: The Grammys are here [in Los Angeles] anyway, so it just worked out. Like, as soon as I came they were, like, “You can’t fly,” and then I found out that I was nominated. And that’s kind of why they invited me to go on the show to do the Grammys and perform there. They say anything could trigger off labor, so.

Tavis: Not now,  not for the next nine minutes, please.

M.I.A.: I know, I know. But I think, like, singing with Jay-Z and Lil Wayne and Kanye an…

Tavis: Yeah, that could make anything happen.

M.I.A.: T.I. could, yeah.

Tavis: Yeah, that could make…with them Negros, anything could happen.

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