The Good, Bad & Raggedy: 20 Burning Questions From The 2013 BET Awards

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timberlake-charlie-pharrell This year’s never-ending BET Awards show was enjoyably raggedy with memorable performances when Chris Tucker wasn’t killing the vibe with painfully-unfunny struggle jokes. Without true star power, the terribly-produced spectacle left us underwhelmed and confused with several unanswered questions. Here are twenty burning questions from the 2013 BET Awards. Take a look.
BOD2oX7CEAE39mG When is Ciara going to retire and become the professional Zumba instructor God molded her to be?
BODqzXdCMAAnj_7 Who will complete their transformation into a white woman first: Beyonce or Nicki Minaj?
BODH-cMCEAAzP3d Did Kendrick smash rapper soul-collector Erykah Badu or look into her eyes? Will he start wearing glittery blonde wigs and bedazzled capris? Is baby Jupiter-Jojoba Lamar on the way?
27311ad8ddd74715360f6a7067002203 2 Chainz rocked his finest golden jewels to avoid looking freshly-robbed?
miguel-bet-awards Why would Miguel move from his platform and risk denting another victim’s forehead? If anything, he should’ve performed in place, without movement, like Adele.
VIDEO-Chris-Tucker-does-Michael-Jackson-impression-at-BET-Awards When did Chris Tucker become so comedically-struggly, unfunny and corny? Is this what fun-sized cornball Kevin Hart’s future looks like?
BODxghwCMAAMWNC Pharrell is a centuries-old vampire, right?
2013 BET Awards - Show Chris Brown knows that his moonwalk and gymnastic superpowers, combined, make it impossible for us to hate him? Is this why he acts like a stone-cold dirtbag?
robin-thicke-bet-awards Robin Thicke officially belongs to US now, right?
asap-2-chainz 2 Chainz got jacked in broad daylight then dressed like a swaggy crow with automatic car wash brushes as wings on National TV. Why?
BODsQWUCMAE6J3C Why does Stevie Wonder’s stylist HATE him so much?
j-cole-bet-awards Does J. Cole know that he’s pure NyQuil in rapper form?
tumblr_mmcm32waU61sn0r88o1_500 No Hovvie Hov, Bey Bey, Yeezy, Drake (12 nominations), Alicia (Off) Keys, Weezy, Rihanna, Frank Ocean or Ricky Rawse? They’re too good for the BET Awards now?
BET+Awards+10+Show+NP29OaGJsZAl Are Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars the same person?
ALeqM5gCc3JFjWRajNQbJBbD1SnJ-tvTWA On a scale of 1-Rihanna on Pluto, how high was Paula Patton during the show?
justin-timberlake-snl-2013 Why does it seem like Justin Timberlake’s soulful negro powers weaken around Blacker crowds?
982c5435-c09d-40e0-a971-c7be7c8772b7 How much longer is BET CEO Debra Lee going to battle her public speaking demons during the Awards? And why is she always dressed like a wedding reception napkin? Photo credit: Instagram
Brandy-Angela-Bobby-2013-BET-Awards Is there anyone Bobby V is actually taller than (other than Cee-Lo)?
timberlake-charlie-pharrell Who’s cooler than Uncle Charlie?
BODdijwCYAASArr We know you saw Stevie reach for the mic and miss. Completely. Right? RIGHT? Photo credit(s): Twitter/Topsy

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