Making It Rain On Them Hoes: NFL Star Turned “Sir Struggle” Terrell Owens Finally Pays Off $430K Tax Debt


TO is getting his life together…

Terrell Owens Finally Pays Off $430K Tax Debt

Via TMZ reports:

Terrell Owens can’t find a football team … or do the weather … but he CAN open his wallet — the former NFL’er just paid off a tax debt to the tune of $430,000.

TMZ broke the story … Uncle Sam filed a federal tax lien against T.O. back in February for the years 2005 ($294,661.71), 2007 ($46,504.00), and 2009 ($97,747.81). Total debt — $438,913.52.

A man of honor … T.O. kicked the crap out of the lien and paid it all off … every last cent. It was officially released on June 27th.

Now T.O. can get back to trying out new careers — like his failed attempt at weatherman.

A “Man of honor”? Why? Because he paid his income tax? FINALLY, It’s something you’re SUPPOSED to do.

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