Making It Snow On Them Hoes: Coast Guard Seizes $19 Million Worth Of Yayo Near Costa Rica!

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Chi-Chi got the yayo

Somebody’s kids are gonna end up duct-taped behind this one…

Coast Guard Confiscates $19 Million In Yayo Near Costa Rica


The Coast Guard says cocaine confiscated by U.S. authorities off the coast of Costa Rica is worth roughly $19 million.

The 1,250 pounds of cocaine will be offloaded Monday morning at the Coast Guard base in Miami Beach.

Officials say a Coast Guard crew on routine patrol in the eastern Pacific caught up with a go-fast vessel on May 29 about 305 miles southwest of Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The crew confiscated the drugs and detained six people on board the boat.

The Coast Guard says the suspects were transferred to Drug Enforcement Agency officials in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The drugs will be transferred to DEA agents in Miami Beach.

Bobby Brown would have a f***in’ field day!

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