That You Or Nah? Freaky-Deeky Flicks Of WNBA/RocNation Baller Skylar Diggins Send Twitter Into A Thirst-Frenzy!

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It’s the thirst of the monnnth…

Nude Pics Of “Skylar Diggins” Leak On The Internet

Thirst comes in several forms. More often than not, it refers to a man’s uncontrollable desire to lust after a half-nekkid woman on a social media site. Today, we’ll add to that definition “the desire to take credit for something, or believe something that is more than likely fake or false just for the sake of being an a$$hole and/or beyotch”.

This morning the internets awoke to news that WNBA rookie baller Skylar Diggins’ “bust-it-wide-open” pics had been leaked for the public’s enjoyment.

As usual, the 140 character slander machine known as Twitter erupted, spewing foul rhetoric, false claims, and back-handed compliments about Humpback Hov’s star client.

These eSavages have ZERO couth.

For the record, we have seen the pics (although we won’t post them), and upon our review there is no way that the woman in the photos is really Skylar. No word from her or her camp about the controversy, but we’re pretty sure we’ll get some form of rebuttal sooner than later.

Until then, flip it over to read some of the ridiculousness being said about good ol’ Sky Digg.

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