Sit Down Haters: Meagan Good Claps Back At Angry Black Church Folks Mad At Her BET Awards Boob Baring Blue Dress

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Can she live??

Megan Good Defends Dress She Wore To BET Awards

Being the preacher’s wife ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. Hollyweird actress Meagan Good has had to tone down her image after marrying Hollywood exec and Pastor Devon Franklin. Although, the man of God has always defended his banger wife, Megan had to throw off the gloves and let the church folks know this ain’t what you want!


The haters took to Twitter blasting Megan’s dress she wore to the 2013 BET Awards. The fed up actress clapped back by posting a positive message she received that showed how she felt…


The haters shot back:

When you are a LEADER of a church you are appointed by God. LEADERS have a different standard than the rest of the congregation

I am a huge fan and think you are one if the most beautiful actresses I’ve seen. I am also a believer and its not that you didn’t look stunning at the award show because you did but there is a modesty that we as women of God should have not for man but because it pleases God. And that’s not religious. You def set an example for women and I think you should be mindful of that when making decisions about anything not just clothes. Still love and respect you! But set a #standard

1 Thessalonians 4:3-7. Outfits like thst causes others to LUST and accprding (sic) to verse 6, one who clsims (sic) to be in Christ shouldn’t do that to their brother or sister. Period. Why would God tell you to expose your body to others being that you’re a married woman. He uses an analogy in Ezekiel 16 of such women to describe the Israelites… WHY woul (sic) you do that? There is a way to be “sexy” without having your breasts and nipples exposed. You are too beautiful to do that and quite frankly you hsve (sic) a husband, so its not like you’re doing it to get a man. God didn’t tell you to wear that, that was your own flesh.

What would Jesus do? Meagan joined in on the topic and responded to her followers by telling them exactly how she feels about her image and dress.

Hit the flip to peep her full response to the blue dress controversy!


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