Jay-Z No! Women Jay-Z Has Denied Chopping Down

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Hov did this…Hov did that…

Women Jay-Z Denied Chopping Down

Jay-Z has tried to keep his record clean since being with Beyonce…despite the fact that he’s been linked to women left and right. Whether from his past or while he’s with Beyonce, Jay has been pinned to various women and he’s had to deny them all.

Who are these ladies? Take a look.


Rihanna – It’s crazy how wild these rumors were, but Jay had to let it known she was just a little sister.


Free – Jay rapped on Kingdom Come that he didn’t have a baby by Free…of course.

Kathy Koreana White

Cathy White – Jay was rumored to be with her, but when she died rumors spread that he sacrificed her to the devil or something. Sigh, he’s alluded to the stupidity of that plenty of times.

Jay-Z and Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown – Jay-Z had to clarify that he didn’t chop down Foxy when she was a teenager or otherwise.


Amil – People wondered if Amil only got signed because she gave up the box…Jay had to clear that up and let everyone know “you gotta drop Amil cuz if you gonna cop something you better cop for real.”

shenelle scott jay z

Shenelle Scott – Jay’s rapped that Blue Ivy is his first kid…that’s close enough right?


Rita Ora – Wait. He hasn’t denied that she’s he and Beyonce’s trifecta slave? Word.


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