Piecing The Story Together With Chris Brown

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Chris Brown

Ladies, y’all know that expression on Chris Brown‘s face in the second pic anywhere.  Lend a hand and help us understand what might have happened in the space between the pics above to cause it.

More pics of Breezy partying it up at Twenty One club in England.

Chris BrownChris BrownChris Brown

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  • Loops

    He came, he saw, he liked the booty lol

  • Gemini

    1st !!

  • niecy

    not sure

  • http://myspace.com/jadore_rocawear Cavalli

    c-breezy need to pull that shirt up a lil’ mo!

  • Gemini

    DAYUM… 2nd…
    LMAO @ LOOPS’s comment
    Pon da forehead will have to do smth bout that…

  • A screen name is hard to find....just like a good man is

    geez, i don’t know

  • Green Grass

    guess he saw somethign he liked

  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    Umm…his eyes are closed and she is standing upright so I don’t know this look at all….I just think she was showing him some love and he was being polite….

  • Honeycream

    haha…I guess the irate Rihanna stans have yet to arrive. Anyway that’s his cousin..lol

  • http://myspace.com/yungberg Yung Berg

    The girl is one of his backup dancers, and Trey Songz’ EX girlfriend.

  • Marie

    thats trey songz’s fiancee/girlfriend & shes one of chris browns dancers… probably just having some harmless fun

  • ayiz

    he wanted to hit that

  • zmoneyent

    He already hit that.

  • Mia

    who is this nasty heffa? she better fall back — Rih Rih, come get him…

  • Miss Know It All

    Now im mad forget chris thats my my boo Trey…..She aint me trey come see bout mt baby..i dnt need ur money i got that what i need is to meet u and i guarantee u wnt go back to that

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