Desert Thirsty: 10 Celebrities Who Look Hella Desperate

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Paula Deen gets emotional during an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show Thirstyazzness is a disease that some people just can’t shake. Here are 10 of the most desperate celebrities in the game.

J.R.-Smith-puts-six-fingers-in-the-air-because-he-knows-whats-up.-Bruce-Bennett-Getty-Images J.R. Smith Like Ri Ri said he is a desert thirsty ninja. He has been riding with the Knicks who haven’t won a championship in 40 years. The dude is thirsty to win.

drakehdsjhfsak Drake “No new friends. Ninja we don’t feel that.” Drake looked like a thirsty azz groupie trying to get into the Miami Heat locker room. That isht was painful to look at….he was a grown azz man acting like a kid in a candy store.

Paula Deen gets emotional during an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show Paula Deen “I is what I is.” Please…talking like how you think your ninja employees sound will not redeem you in America’s eyes. She wants so badly to get back to being America’s sweetheart and the scrilla…it’s sad to watch.

alexiskirkfeat Mary Jane This hoe swallows babies like it’s nothing and flaunts her ho-like behavior on reality TV with that “how you doing” Kirk. She’s hungry for fame and money. Rasheeda you may cry now, but you’ll laugh later.

k.-michelle-toya-memphitz1 K. Michelle All this acting out by K. Michelle means she wants something. We don’t know…maybe some plastic surgery to reform that defected, sloppy azz?

michaelvickdog Michael Vick Every time we see Mike he looks like he just lost his best friend. Ninja needs to get him that Chris Brown treatment where people start accepting him again. We want to see Mike win.

ray and kim Ray J. My ninja, you outchea making songs about Kimmy Cakes? She is getting long peened by Kanye on the regular and isn’t thinking about your azz… why you thinking about her? Ray J is desperate to smash Kimmy’s cakes to smithereens again.

lauryn-hill-bizardo-21 Lauryn Hill That letter was tragic. Lauryn use to be our black queen and now she looks like boo boo the fool. It’s like once she started poppin’ out them kids, isht went downhill. Lauryn trying to keep that azz from being someone’s bald-headed beyotch in jail, but it’s over mami.

Mimi-Faust-Stevie-J-Cover1 Mimi Faust Mimi is thirsty to be anyone’s cum bucket. She is with her “how you doing” boo because no one wants her. Mimi if you’re thirsty for company, get a vibrator not some gay homo thug.

rihanna-chris-brown221 Chris Brown Why say Rihanna’s going to be on your album when you know that’s a damn lie. Looks like a thirsty move to get Ri Ri’s attention. Breezy loves him that West Indian box.


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