Oh, You Mad? Kobe “Butt Bandit” Bryant Unfollows Dwight “D-Ho” Howard On Twitter After Deciding To Leave The Lakers For The Houston Rockets

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The Mamba is so petty…smh

Dwight Howard Unfollowed By Kobe Bryant On Twitter After Deciding To Leave The Lakers

Last night, Dwight Howard had the sports world in an uproar after announcing (via Twitter) that he would be leaving the struggling Los Angeles Lakers to join the burgeoning Houston Rockets.

DHoe tweet

Soon after declaring his divorce with L.A., D-Ho posted this pic (below) with his new teammate and hoes favorite trick, James Harden.

DHoe and Harden

As you can tell from the comments on the photo, Lakers fans were less than enthused about losing their wishy-washy big man. The most disappointed of them all was team captain Kobe Bryant, who unfollowed Dwight as soon as his decision was made…

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 10.21.32 AM

According to the Twitter checker Dwight unfollowed Kobe as well.

Despite the two ballers’ attmepts to make nice, reports throughout the league all season claimed that Dwight and Kobe were oil and water when it came to their personalities. Suffice to say Lakers-Rockets games should be must-see-TV next season.

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