Shaunie Wants To See Shaq’s Stacks, Court Documents Show

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Shaunie is not playing around with her divorce game and has filed documents for a closer look at Shaq’s $100 million contract with the Miami Heat. TMZ has the official docs.

You may see Superhead in divorce court as a witness. Snitch-ass Kobe Bryant too.

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  • SuchMagnificence

    We’ll see where this goes

  • Serious Sister

    Didn’t Shaq have an airtight pre-nup, she may not see whatever extra $$ she’s after

  • wdstk

    Shaunie aint no punk.


    Why dont him date a pretty girl

  • Queenmary

    Girl, get that money. Cheaper to keep her

  • Sun Goddess

    Check it: If the pre nup had a clause where Shaunie gets so much money if she can prove Shaq was unfaithful, then contractually he has to pay. Rumor has it Shaunie toook some of the cash Shaq gave her BEFORE marriage for child support and sock it up in investments, and Shaq feels he shouldn’t have to give her nothing! Time will tell…..

  • Mary J Blige

    dang Shaunie! u wanna bleed that kneegrow dry? smh

  • http://feeffe fat boy

    SHE only MARRIED HIM FOR HIS money to begin with..that goes for all sports stars. I dont understand why they get married. she neva loved dat diggin hoes.

  • feefer

    well i see why folks call her Shaunie… Va’Shaundya? whoa. i wonder why 2005 seems the beginning date to all the docs she is seeking…perhaps that’s when the marriage started to go bad.

  • sitfu

    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstrean Media

  • Guilty Pleasure

    She had to look at him EVERY morning so she deserves to get paid!!!!!!!!


  • Baby Please

    It’s gettttttttttiiiiiiinnnng uglllllly.

  • Hmmm

    GET ur money Shaunie!!! She had his kids and put up with HIS CHEATING now his ugly ass wants a divorce!!! She needs to get what she’s DUE and move on as I know she will!!! Fuk his ugly, stank looking, slobbery ass!!!

  • Conflikdiamond

    Yall are too funny. But forreal, She wants to find monies that haven’t been accounted for properly on his behalf. To see how much and what has been spent on his alleged *Sideline Hoes* That’s why every single expense is listed for him to show record of. 2005 is probably definitely when things started going sour for them.

  • Lili

    I mean, if he really did make up lies about her cheating so that he could weasle out of paying her…then hell, she needs to go head and dig for gold.

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