‘No One’: The Kanye West Remix

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Two ‘artists’ we actually like just finished up the remix to NO ONE today. We ganked this off of Kanye’s blog.

Kanye, we know you read our site, fire Gabe, he is holding you back from reaching the people.

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  • illllll

    SOO GOOD!!

  • ronni78

    Kanye’s behaviors contribute to black stereo-types quite nicely. Alicia is fly, and Sandra Rose is a lame who blocks out comments that she does not agree with.

  • sugaj104

    well third aint bad either

  • Ashley

    OMG. lmao! i don’t even no what to say about that!

  • Mary J Blige

    and why so many pictures of Alicia walkin like a bow legged cowboy everywhere?

  • HdubNdaBridge


  • Ashley




  • Guilty Pleasure

    Kanye’s singing is HORRIBLE! He sounds whack on this…..don’t like it at all!

  • Ashley

    i don’t think Alicia allowed him to do that, i just think he did it on his on.there is only one OFFICIAL remix. featuring Damien Marley. its on the KK Blog

  • FineAsWine


  • Roberto

    WHACK!!!!!! i love the original song and i like Kanye but this remix is garbage- Kanye sounds stupid and random- he f#cked up on this one….

  • FineAsWine

    you know what…..i have unsettling feelin bout this pair up, after kanye said light women are mutts!!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Ummm, me no like!! :-) The song is fine without a remix and Kanye’s singing is kinda bad in the beginning. Reminds me of the nerdy kid in the choir that the director finally gave a chance to perform a solo…knowing full well that he really couldn’t sing. If this was church, old folks’d be like “that’s alright baby…take your time. :-)

  • rachel

    I don’t think this does anything for the song. It is not really a remix it’s just kanye feeling a hot song and rapping on it. Alicia will probably find out about it just like we did.

  • RED

    That was horrible. Kayne sucks ass. So overrated. He of all people should know that that did not sound good at all. It took away from the vibe of the song. The original version was starting to grow on me, but he definitely gets an F for this.

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