New Rules? 10 Burning Questions About Jay-Z’s “MCHG” Album

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jayz-magna-carta-holy-grail-album-commercial-HHS1987-2013 Hov’s rule-smashing new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” recently leaked and, as usual, the world stopped spinning, Heavens parted and stans wept. Already hailed a classic by pom-pom shaking hypebeasts, it’s the only album anyone has talked about since the 4th with intriguing moments that inspired the following questions. Jay-Z-Magna-Carta-Holy-Grail Here are ten burning questions about Hov’s “MCHG” album. Take a look.
2011-Jay-Z_Kanye_West_-_Otis Jay-Z put Kanye in timeout? Hovvie Hov usually features Kanye or his drooled-over production on albums but there’s no sniff of Yeezus' leather on “MCHG.” Kanye-West-priases-guillermo-del-torro-705-1 Whether there’s beef between big and little bro, it’s unclear, but why else would Yeezy tweet about a weirdo Sci-Fi flick (“Pacific Rim”) that no one cared about when Hov’s album dropped?
BF-OLNhCIAAGz2u Why would Hov acknowledge Miley Cyrus’ existence? More awkward Miley struggle twerks. Yea, that’s exactly what the streets needed.
tom-ford-blog How long before Quantavious and ’nem run Tom Ford into the ground? No one hates Jay-Z more than Tom Ford who probably doesn’t want ashy moon crickets doing hoodrat activities in his high-end fashions. tom-ford-1024x678 Once a popular rapper mentions an exclusive brand, flavored liquor or eatery, it’s a wrap. Photo credit: GQ
130704-jay-z-magna-carta-holy-grail-leak Hov reads Gossip blogs? “I never stuck my c*** in the Fox’s box but damned if I ain’t open Pandora's box/They try to slander your man/On CNN and Fox” … “N****s even talk about your baby crazy” – “Picasso Baby” Who knew? Photo credit: Spin
Frank Ocean WTF is Frank Ocean talmbout on “Oceans?” “I see/Elephant tusk on the bow of a sailing lady/Docked on the Ivory Coast/Mercedes in a row…winding down the road/I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo/Before the Basquiat show and if so…” WUT?
arton234 Picasso and Basquiat are the only artists Jay-Z knows? Hov mentioned Basquiat and now the acclaimed Neo-expressionist is your favorite rapper’s favorite artist like no others exist. But we promise there are more. Many more. Fun facts for rappers: Salvador Dali rhymes with Molly. Van Gogh? UOENO (or Moscato).
Jay-Z Why does Hov refuse to promote his own Roc Nation artists? Hov never promotes the 11 artists on Roc Nation (including J. Cole, Rita Ora and Willow Smith) or features them on records yet elite athletes feel comfortable signing with Roc Nation Sports? Interesting.
Swizz-Beatz Why is Swizz Beatz still allowed to ruin tracks in 2013? Very few human beings are more aggravating than Swizz and Alicia who live to punish humanity with their stressful squawk-libs over tracks. Photo credit:
samsung1 Why did Samsung require so much personal info for users to download the “MCHG” app? Approximate location and full network access to download an album? Uh, naaaah, especially not after this NSA/Snowden saga. Photo credit: Twitter
wondagirl A 16-year-old girl from Ontario, Canada really produced “Crown?” Yep, it’s true. Ebony Oshunrinde aka WondaGurl fresh out the 11th grade. Amazing.

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