Ain’t Isht Daddies: Text Messages Reveal Abusive 50 Cent Telling His Son “Fawk You…Erase My Number” And “Your Mother’s A Slore”


50 Cent and His Son Marquise

Bugsy be buggin’ b…

Looks like 50’s whole family is falling apart.

Via RadarOnline

50 Cent exploded into rage at his 16-year-old son in the months before he was arrested on domestic violence and vandalism charges, hurling a string of obscenities at the teenager and calling him “f***ing stupid,” a “s#*t head” and a ”motherf***er.”

The angry rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, told his son Marquise to cut all contact with him in a series of expletive laden text messages — “f*ck you stop texting me,” read one; “delete my number,” said another — after the pair was apparently unable to coordinate a custody visitation.

At one point in the vicious communication, 50 Cent admonished Marquise and told him: “I don’t have a son anymore.”

His shocking rant — obtained exclusively by — is an eerie echo of Alec Baldwin‘s repulsive attack on his then 11-year-old daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger, Ireland.

The In Da Club singer also demanded Marquise take a DNA test to prove he was his biological son because his mother, TLC Starter Wives star Shaniqua Tompkins, had supposedly been promiscuous during their relationship.

“I need a blood test cause that d**k sucking b!tch you call mom was f***ing the hole [sic] time,” he wrote in the text message exchange on January 5.

The clash appeared to occur after Marquise failed to answer the door at his home to his Grammy Award-winning father.

In another missive, 50 Cent wrote: “Tell your mother she won. She has you and ill [sic] make another. I will have nothing to do with you. Don’t text me ever again.” has verified the texts originated from a cell phone registered to G Unit Touring, the record label created and owned by 50 Cent.

Multiple emails to 50 Cent’s attorney were not returned. Thompkins also did not return a call seeking comment.

Cotdamn Fif, was all that REALLY necessary?!?!

Flip it over a few times to read Curtis’ ugly rant for yourself

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