Smackdown: 8 Rappers Who Allegedly Put Those Paws On Women

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ASAP Rocky

Some rappers stay using their pimp hand. Here are 8 rappers who are known for laying the smackdown on women.


Joe Budden

This ninja said phuck birth control and stomped poor Esther Baxter’s cakes to smithereens so bad she lost their baby. Damn homie.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky

ASAP slapped that white girl so hard her head started to spin around and green isht came out. Did she tell him what the world already knows…that his music is horrible?


50 Cent

We think 50 drunk too much Vitamin Water because how do you break into your baby mama’s house and tear up $7,000 worth of isht that you bought? What kind of sense does that make?



Jay-Z may be white mainstream America’s wet dream, but it wasn’t to long ago he was doing the Hulk Hogan leg drop on chicks. We know ya’ll remember that video.

gucci mane ice cream face tattoo

Gucci Mane

We all seen the video of Gucci giving that girl the business. What did she say to piss Gucci off? It couldn’t have been calling him ugly because he already knows that….hints the ice cream tattoo.



Lil’ Reese is smoking the same mean green Chief Keef piff-puffs on accept Chief is winning and Reese isn’t. Reeze needs to keep his hands off of chicks and get his azz in the studio…don’t phuck up your bread like Rick Ross.


Stevie J

We don’t know if he lays the smackdown on his women or not…but cotdamn he sure does have a pimp hold on these chicks. That rat face also creeps us out…the ninja looks like he’s constipated.


Mack 10

Rumors said he stomped poor vocally challenged T-Boz’s ears together back in the day. Ninja does seem like he would pimp slap a chick in a second.


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