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Michael Jordan doesn’t want his son Jeff Jordan to follow in his footsteps:

“I want him to be his own person, you know? I want him to enjoy his life, whatever he chooses to be that, you know? If you play basketball, you’re a doctor, you’re a lawyer, whatever, I’m gonna support you with the love and every effort, every inch of my body. He wants to be a basketball player, but he wants to do it on his own terms, which is all cool for me. The thing that we have tried to tell Jeff is that you set your own expectations. By no means in this world can you ever live up to someone else’s expectations of who you are.”

Well that sounds like some good positive parenting right there. MJ should also make sure that his son doesn’t wait until he’s in his forties to start partying and freakin on the white girls in Cabo.

Michael Jordan Jeff Jordan



  • ThaBossLadee

  • Mahogany

    That’s right!

  • leah

    lmao his face in the pic is just priceless..

  • Bird

    He didn’t wait until he was 40. Mike been doing his thing all along.

  • Shan

    Good for MJ. At least he is giving good advice unlike some of these other parents. If the man wants to party in his forties, hey he’s rich!

  • E Online

    Oh hell that’s Mike in the pics…

    What’s with the bros and the OJ complex with white girls?

  • Yaaahhh Bytch Yaaaaaah!!

    hot got dayum his son is fine…MAYAN!!

  • Morpheus

    I wanna be like Mike!

  • I wonder

    MJ…u have officially been removed……..NEXT


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  • wtg

    Yeah great parenting your son is all tattoed up. All over the internet shaking your Geriatric azz with hoochies..Keep you the great work Mike! Everyone wants to be like Mike, nah they just want the $$

  • Yes I Said It

    I second NewOrleansGirlAllDay’s opinion.

  • backyard

    you are soo annoying jalilimaster you stay preaching if you wanna preach go to church

  • Black Velveteen

    Dang… that nicca’s head almost blend in with the ceiling… just saying…

  • slimting

    Damn, that man looks edible

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