Pay Yo Bills: 9 Celebrities Who Were Put On Blast For Being Broke

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Sheree-Whitfield-Fired-Cover Some celebrities like to fake it until they make it and their struggles ways get put on blast. Here are 9 celebrities who are broke as a joke.
Karrine Soulja 3 Soulja Boy Superhead put him on bast..dude you're living at Sean Kingston's house? That's A D-lister shacking up with another D-lister.
ToniBraxton Toni Braxton She may of made her last bankruptcy payment, but she has nowhere near the amount of bread she had in the 90s. Tamar has all the scrilla now.
sherees tell all Sheree Whitfield She couldn't even afford her own attorney and her broke bird ways got her kicked off RHOA. Chateau Sheree is never happening boo.
kenya-moore-eviction Kenya Moore She's broke, got evicted, but still finds it within herself to twirl...twirl...twirl..into the unemployment line.
Damon Dash Damon Dash Damon's fall from grace was sad to watch. He lost The Roc, got evicted.... dude looks like he struggling to buy a peanut butter sandwich. Times are hard.
beanie Beanie Sigel We don't understand how you do years under The Roc, have your own clothing line and label, but you're still broke. He said Damon Dash owns him $11 million... good luck with that.
flava-flav_chicken Flava Flav You know you broke when you can't afford chicken.
michael_jackson Michael Jackson We love Michael, but to die with $10 million when you use to be worth like a billion is a huge fall from grace.
lauryn-hill-bizardo-21 Lauryn Hill Obviously, The Fugees and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill money has ran out cause she can't pay her damn taxes.

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