Grew Up Too Fast: 10 Teen Stars Who Spiraled Out Of Control

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chris kelly

Being a teen star is hard and most don’t get to have a successful adult career. Here are 10 teen stars who spiraled out of control.


Amanda Bynes

“All That” was our isht back in the day. She goes in on Drake’s momma and still wants him to murder her vajajay and now he’s stalking her. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

chris kelly

Chris Kelly

“Jump” was or isht back in the day and he was so cute. In the end, his demons were just too big. RIP.

Miley Cyrus Twerk Team

Miley Cyrus

Miley use to be the Disney princess and now she’s the princess of awkward twerking. Give us music not twerking Miley.

Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell

She went from drugs are bad m’kay to getting her isht together. Her downfall was still sad.


Justin Bieber

Justin is peeing in buckets at restaurants, disrespecting presidents and chasing baby monkeys on planes. Usher come get your son.

Topshop Topman LA opening party

Chris Brown

Chris should take the words “can’t get right,” put it on a T-shirt and wear it. Dude phucked trouble in the azz and now it’s getting at him every chance it gets. He use to be a cute kid and now he looks suspect.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay let her drug dealer visit her in rehab. It doesn’t get much hardcore than that.


Chief Keef

Chief is one of those young ninjas that is wildin’ right now. He pointed a gun at a police officer and is forever getting arrested. Someone needs an intervention.


Soulja Boy

He is living on Sean Kingston’s couch. Dude blew through all his money on sticky icky and beyotches. Sad.



Rihanna is throwing up and showing up 3 hours late to shows. Give us 17-year-old “Pon De Replay” Rihanna back.


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