Lawsuits: Scottie Pippen Sued For Putting Them Paws On Thirsty Fan

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Damn Scottie, you might have to give up some of those coins.

Scottie Pippen Sued

Dude needs to take his azz whoopin’ like man and keep it moving. Scottie’s going to find you and phuck you up again.

According to E! News

The retired NBA star was sued Thursday for alleged assault and battery by a man who claims he was spit at, punched and kicked by Pippen outside famed sushi hot spot Nobu in Malibu after he asked the athlete for an autograph and a picture for his girlfriend’s son.

“Instead of a photograph for the boy, [plaintiff Carman Shafighi] received from Pippin…a verbal assault, a spit in the face, followed immediately by a physical beating consisting of a shove, then a violent punch to the face and head that felled Mr. Shafighi to the ground,” reads the lawsuit, obtained exclusively by E! News.

The complaint further charges that Pippen continued to kick Shafighi while he was on the ground and the plaintiff couldn’t fight back because he was knocked unconscious by the first blow.

Don’t write checks your azz can’t cash.

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