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Here is a little Friday throwback fun photo of singing group “Immature”. We always thought something fishy was going on with that Jehovah witness Chris Stokes camp.

Why are they in the bed together in their baggy whities? SMH.


  • AND...

    OMG, OMG. I actually gasped when I saw this.

  • bigred917

    am I first here or what ?


    # 1. But, damn who cares on this thread ? That shyt wasn’t cool even back then.

  • Misspetite82


  • bigred917

    2nd still ain’t bad :)


    DAMN, I type slow #3

  • Baby Please


    I kinda liked them when they were out.

  • Mr O Dot

    ima put you to bedddd…bedddd….bedddd…..

    ^i guess to r&b groups that meant somethin different in the early 90s

  • Bankable P


  • Bahama Mama

    3 boys should NOT be laying in a bed together that damn close, that damn nekid!!! unless they are at mike jacksons house….

  • Mahogany

    It was said that Chris Stokes had a “Lou Perlman” complex (my coined term lol) and liked the little boyz.


  • Jessica

    See…yall are wrong for this one….

  • Mahogany

    I bet I know who took the pic.


  • I Stay SMH

    i remember that picture. what a mess

  • Lee

    lol whoes idea was this???? lmao mj is probably blowing this pic up right now. lol

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