Keyshia Cole and Frankie on Vibe…Style Issue???

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Keyshia and her humongous feet, are on the 2nd cover of the Vibe Style Issue with Frankie riding shotgun. We love us some Keyshia, but can’t stand her free loading gutter “mother”, Frankie.  SMH

Check out some other Keyshia Covers below and one of her when she had no style…



  • Acacia

    Please stop hating on Keyshia Cole.

  • Ermy Erm (The Chi is Ice Cold, 3 more days left CWTF)

    i love keyshia, but this is a weird pic. her mama head little as hell

  • High Life (Chasing Strange)

    I just want to know where those purple shoes come in at?

  • beautiful b

    dag bossip….ya’ll went har on frankie huh?

  • http://Bossip Ms. Meka

    I am so tired of Frankie ass…..don’t Keyshia realize her mother is taking advantage of her fame. She becoming as famous as Keyshia and aint did nothing but pop out 7 kids, smoke crack and go to jail!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. FAMU

    Despite what Bossip thinks Frankie is Keyshia’s mother and the girl obviously loves her mother very much. Frankie has came a long way and if Keyshia wants to keep her mom close to her then thats their business. And Frankie rarely free loads off Keyshia, she gets paid to do her OWN club appearances. When I was in ATL she hosted a party and they paid her $3000. Frankie is down to earth she shops at payless, the fleamarket, and the “ghetto” mall as she calls it. I think she finances her lifestyle just fine. We cannot choose our parents but we can choose to include them in our lives despite their faults and Frankie genuinely seems to be trying to make strides in her life.

  • elle

    i’m sorry but i’m gonna have to say it, Frankie is looking like a crackie in a dress! I am too pissed at those fuchsia pumps.

  • Nina Knows

    why did they put keisha on them big white mexican shoes. smh & lol


    I love Ke Ke too…..she’s just one of those few real people….who doesn’t try to please everyone else…or reinvent your girl Beyonce…Real recognizes Real……Don’t get me wrong…I’m all about evolution…however…some people just don’t have a REAL (not ghetto) bone in their body…..

  • Aunt Viv

    Vibe is still in business?

  • Aunt Viv

    “why did they put keisha on them big white mexican shoes. smh & lol”


    LOL Erm!!

    I can put my fingers in a pinch position and POOF!! Shes gone!!


    Why does everyone have a problem with the fact that she is about family….She has decided not to abandon them…leave them behind….never contact them once she got put on…unlike some other celebrities…how can one helpa community if they can’t help family……People are hating cuz she put her Mother on….WOW….


    “why did they put keisha on them big white mexican shoes. smh & lol”

    Same reason she is wearing that Poncho…she wants to be…seasoned…with…El Paso Taco mix…


    VIBE knows nothing about Style and Keyshia is a good singer but style wise she is a HOT mess. And that cover???? come one I could take a better pick with my iphone. No wonder this mag is about to FOLD
    Frankie looks like she has on a bath robe.

    No a cool cover.

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