Lawsuits: Bad Gal Ri Ri Faces $100,000 Fine For Not Showing Up To Court After Suing Financial Advisers

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Rihanna and her ex-boo Chris are both having legal troubles.

Rihanna Faces Fines

The good news is $100,000 is a fortune to us common folk, but to Rihanna it’s a drop in the bucket.

According to Rhymes With Snitch

Last year Rihanna filed a lawsuit against her former financial advisers claiming they cost her millions of dollars.

Now Berdon LLP wants RiRi to pay big bucks for refusing to show up for court…

According to reports Rihanna has blown off court date after court after being ordered to sit down for a deposition in the case.

The last straw for Berdon LLP was spending over $100,000 to set up a deposition in London, only for the pop star to blow off the meeting again.

Berdon LLP wants the case dismissed and Rihanna fined $100,000 for wasting their time.

Ri Ri, you can’t sue people for owing you money and then not show up to court.

Maybe if she stopped piff-puffin’ on the sticky icky and getting slizzard, she could show up to court. Just a thought.

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