When A Woman’s Fed Up…She Burns Up Entire Bed While Husband Is Sleeping In It After Fighting Over Pizza!

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 Jill Defusco

Woman Lights Husbands Things On Fire After Fight

So folks are lighting isht up after fighting over pizza these days???

Via Eyewitness News 3:

A Middlebury woman found herself in some hot water after her husband called police to tell them she lit their bed on fire with him still in it. Middlebury police said they were called to a Lake Shore Drive home Wednesday night after a man called 911 reporting that his wife tried to light the bed on fire with him still in it.

When police arrived at the home, the man told police he went to bed after getting into a fight with his wife, identified as Jill Defusco, over pizza. He said he was in bed for a while and woke up to see his side of the bed was on fire. He said he jumped up and put the fire out before calling police.

Police said they examined the bed and found it was not burned, however they located a burnt card and a pair of his shorts. They said the home smelled of smoke.

Defusco was taken into custody after police discovered she lit the card on fire, which caught a pair of her husband’s short on fire and not the bed. She was charged with violation of a standing protective order, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.


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