Talent Wasted: 9 Celebrities Who Lost Their Battle With Drugs

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michael_jackson Drugs are a serious problem in hollyweird. Some celebrities beat their habit and some sadly lose the battle. Here are 9 celebrities who lost their battle to drugs.
sparkle-image-whitney-houston-jordin-sparks Whitney Houston That Oprah interview was touching and you could tell she wanted to change, but sadly "The Voice" is gone.
illuminati amy whinehouse Amy Whinehouse Amy was one soulful white girl. For a minute, we thought she would get her isht together. We lost a great talent.
Cory Monteith Cory Monteith Everybody loves "Glee" and it appears everyone loved Cori. The young man was talented and had a bright future, but chased the cat right up until his death.
michael_jackson Michael Jackson Michael's drug was sleep. He was 50 dong 50 shows back to back...you would want to sleep too. RIP King of Pop.
heathledger762 Heath Ledger Heath killed it in the "Dark Knight." Why so serious? Gone, but never forgotten.
chris kelly Chris Kelly Being a child star is hard. When you're little you're so cute and when you grow up, nobody wants you. Chris will always have a place in music history.
jimi-hendrix2 Jimi Hendrix It's amazing what he accomplished in such a little amount of time. Modern Rock and Roll owns a tremendous debt to Jimi.
Monroe_Marilyn_210.jpg Marilyn Monroe She died under suspicious circumstances, but she will forever be an iconic image of beauty, grace and sex appeal.
odb Ol' Dirty Bastard Wu Tang Clan put it down back in the days, but fame brings on demons. Dirty is in a better place now.

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