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Adrienne Bailon

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  • iluvprada


  • noelle

    (as she secretly steps away from the KKK clan…) girl that dress is cuute!!

  • Nina Knows

    I see she got the bird legs to go with that dress.

  • http://~ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo

    her legs are ugly, sorry chica,

  • http://~ Kigali(NotWorkingWithaFullClip)akaHannibal-d-HungriestHo

    you do or you don’t, don’t
    you will or you won’t, won’t
    no mooooore


    Why her dome so big?

    Head=the size of her middle torso

  • Colonel StinkMeaner



    Why her dome so big?

    Head=the size of her middle torso


  • Hannibal


  • lala#1

    who is she?

  • MzLady

    that’s adrienne baillon. shes lost so much f’n weight n died her hair black she is tryin super hard to be a kardashian

  • Pam

    this girl wants to be kim k so bad..its VERY studpid because at least adrienne is famous for something (i guess only to lil kids) kim k is famous cuz she sucked dick and everybody saw..soooo imma need for adrienne to get a better role model.

  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People

    oh my

  • daleile555

    She is my dream girl!! she’s just the type I like most!
    you may wanna check this out, guys, ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^, hot cougars and milfs there may just suit you the best!! who knows?

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