9 Celebrity Women Who Could Star In An Episode Of “The Bad Girls Club”

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rihanna bikini Being feisty is a good quality in a woman, but these celebrity women are known for going ham. Here are 9 women who could star in an episode of next season's "The Bad Girls Club."
Erica Mena Erica Mena If she kicks the chicks on the show like she kicked her baby daddy in the head, she would be the star of the show.
k michelle and mimi K Michelle K. Michelle would turn "The Bad Girls Club" all the way up. We would have to listen to how Toya's husband allegedly busted her upside her head for the millionth time, but it's the price you pay for good entertainment.
Rihanna-PF-WENN1crop Rihanna Rihanna would be piff-puffin, twerking to Drake's music, and cussing chicks out left and right. Welcome to Ri Ri land.
Miley Cyrus Twerk Team Miley Cyrus Miley is not about that life, but maybe the rest of the bad girls can teach her how to properly twerk. Calling Rihanna...
ciara-chelsea-lately-400x300 Ciara Ciara is not a rude girl, but it would give Ri Ri someone to pick on and add drama to the show. Plus reality TV would give a big boost to her CD sales.
Amanda Bynes seen smoking a hand rolled cigarette in New York Amanda Bynes Amanda would be calling people ugly on Twitter and getting her azz whooped on the daily. Now that's entertainment.
Joseline Hernandez Joseline Hernandez Joseline might scare the other women with her manly features and broken English... that will start some isht right there.
tami-roman-pic1 Tami Roman Taami has real anger management issues. We're scared she might bust a chick's head down to the white meat for real. She blindsided poor Meeka and was about to phuck up Keisha.
Kenya Moore Kenya Moore When chicks confront Kenya all she will do is twirl...twirl...twirl.

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