Twitter Files: Rihanna’s Navy Seeks And Destroys Desean Jackson’s Boo Chantel Jeffries For Dissing Her New ‘Do!

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Chantel Rih feat

Dissing a celebrity with rabid fans on Twitter can only go two ways…bad or worse!

Rihanna Fans Attack Chantel Jeffries On Twitter Over Grey Hair Diss

Haven’t these folks learned??? These celebrity Stans are ready to cape up at the drop of a dime to defend the honor of their heroes and heroines.

Earlier today Chantel took note of Robyn’s new hair color and decided to put her 140 characters to use…

Chantel Jeffries tweet

At which point the classy ladies of Rih-Rih’s navy gently reminded Chantel that she should show some respect to a being that is superior to her…

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 2.24.25 PM

Ironically, just a few days ago Chantel was preaching some ol’ kumbaya positivity stuff…

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 2.35.29 PM

Don’t even trip girl, hypocrisy looks good on you. These hoes just mad…

Rihanna’s gang of iGoons was relentless in their pursuit of Chantel’s online demise, at some point Chantel got shook and deleted the tweet. Luckily for us Twitter is forever.

Turn the page to read some of the vicious and hilarious commentary that is currently burning a hole in her mentions.

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