Wrath Of Blue Ivy Part 2: Photo Gallery Of Everyone’s Favorite Angry Toddler

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jay-zblue Her Royal Highness Blue Ivy is either A) a powerful mutant who will enslave us all one day or B) the angriest (and tallest) 1-year-old alive. Either way, she's the hottest toddler in the game whose refusal to smile makes her completely adorable, intriguing and human. top Here's a photo gallery of everyone's favorite angry (but adorable) toddler. Take a look.
jay-zblue "B***h always got somethin slick to say...I'd fight her if I could"
jay-z-blue-ivy--z "Hol'up, daddy...what that b***h just whisper under her breath?!"
beyonce-blue-ivy-serious-side-eye "Bish better be glad mommy holding me back..."
BPa4nWzCEAAJb6v "Mommy got me out here dressed like a Mexican girl on the first day of Kindergarten...scressful"
beyblue1 "Can't a famous toddler get love anymore?/Tell CPS mommy carrying me like groceries, timbs dragging on the floor..."
EXCLUSIVE: Blue Ivy Carter seen out with her nanny in New York City "This bish wack. I miss Uncle Bleeky. He warmed up my organic unicorn milk up just how I like it."
beyonce-blue-ivy-talk "Is that.....Keyshia Cole? HALP!"
beyonce-lifting-blue "Mommy put that finger in my mouth and there WILL be gunplay..."
ffn_beyonce_jayz_chp_042513_51078239 "CAMEL BREAF ATTACK!" *fake dies*"
BPa019yCYAAnTqj "One day, every one of you irrelevant insects who slander my never combed hair will kneel before ME" Photo credits: SplashNews/INFPhotos/FameFlynetPictures

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