No Support: 8 Celebrities Who Agree With The Zimmerman Verdict

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8 Celebrities Who Agree With The Zimmerman Verdict

Most of the people in the country agree that George Zimmerman did something wrong the night Trayvon Martin died. But we all know what happened. He was found not guilty. While most of us are outraged, there are some celebrities who support the jury's decision. Some of them blame the prosecution while others are just pretty racist about the whole thing. Take a look at these celebrities we don't look at the same anymore.
bill cosby Bill Cosby - He said the trial wasn't a race issue and that Zimmerman shouldn't have gone to jail.
charles_barkley_gets_three_days_in_tent_city Charles Barkley - He agreed and said the prosecution did a horrible job of proving their case. Well, he's right about that.
Ann Coulter Ann Coulter - She tweeted "hallelujah" when the verdict came down.
ted nugent racist Ted Nugent - His racist a$$ went on a celebratory rant about Trayvon and Zimmerman.
lupe-fiasco-removed-from-stage-after-anti-barack-obama-comments-0 Lupe Fiasco - He did say the jury was right. It was more an indictment of the prosecution than Martin.
larry king Larry King - He said you don't know what happened and there were only two people there. He sided with the jury.
Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh - He also declared "victory" after the verdict. SMH.
president_jimmy_carter Jimmy Carter - He said the jury didn't have enough evidence to convict Zimmerman...again, prosecution's fault.

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