Take Care: Reasons Drake May Be The King Of Hip-Hop

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Reasons Drake May Be King Of Rap

Competition is great for Hip-Hop. Jay Z, Kanye and Drake all have albums in 2013 so it’s all about alpha dog supremacy these days. And while many will call Jigga and Yeezy as the rulers, Drake has an argument that you can’t deny.

Here are reasons Drake is looking like the King.


He Has The Biggest Hits – Drizzy already has as many #1 songs as Jay-Z. Whenever he drops a song, it’s top of the charts. No other rapper can say that right now.


He’s The Most Quotable Rapper Out – Every time he drops a song, everyone wants to quote it immediately. Started from the bottom. No new friends. Versace. Everyone quotes him. Even you.


His Album Might Be The Best –Kanye’s album was a letdown. Jay’s was good, but Drake may have the best album out of the three. His leaks have been top notch.

drake jay-z

He’s Younger – Jay and Kanye are older and don’t get to the high school kids as well as Mr. Graham.

Drake and J.Cole

Not Much Young Competition – Drake’s only real competition for top spot is Kendrick Lamar and he may be a year or two behind. J. Cole, Wale and the like won’t get the job done.


Ladies Love Him –Women think Drizzy is cute. If ladies love you and you can make songs for them then it’s a wrap.


He’s All Over The Internet – Whenever Drake does something, it’s a meme. He’s the biggest newsmaker on the net besides Kanye. But no one makes memes about Yeezy like they do Drake now.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leave their hotel and head to party in Movida night club, London, UK

He’s Focused – Drizzy is focused on his music and basically nothing else. Kanye has his baby and Kim. Jay has his family and all his business ventures. Eminem has whatever he has going on. Drake is just going to make music and kill it.


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