What Happened To The Jena 6 Stacks????

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The controversy over the accounting of millions of Jena 6 stacks is not going away. Some folks are forcing organizations and parents to account for all the money. A lawyer of one Jena 6 mother, Tina Jones, mother of defendant Purvis, still has $250K and her lawyer told her not to talk to anyone about the money:

“I think there are a lot of organizations out there collecting money on behalf of the Jena 6 that we didn’t give authorization for,” Jones said. “So when we’re called and asked, ‘Did you receive this money?’ and we know nothing about it, then it becomes a problem. The finger is being pointed at us. We’re not criticizing anybody. We’re just trying to get a handle on it.”

We have a feeling Jacob or a Sean Jean section in a store has seen some of that Jena 6 money. SMH.



  • HdubNdaBridge



    1st after the first 1st!!!!!! yep

  • HdubNdaBridge

    Now that we’ve settled the fact that I was first…There is only one person that we need to put complete, total, 100% trust in and he doesn’t live in Jena, LA!

  • dumbass

    stupid kids..thats probably how they got those outfits for the Bet awards..we got to do better..

  • Ms 305

    I hope this is not true but I have a strong feeling that it is.

  • ako

    sean jean?

  • foole

    Recently, hewas found to appear on a millionaire$celebrity dating club http://www.meetrich.com where Chairle sheen found some dates with hot girls.

  • jo jo

    ignorant, dumb, stupid. the Jena 6 boys think this is a joke. its a shame how they are flossin the money around.

  • John

    No wonder people are wndering what happened to the money. When you see a picture like this with a young “HOOD” playing with a fist full of money, it would make you wonder too!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Using the language of the day– ” Somebody been played”

  • Trudie

    That’s what happens when you build a “new movement” around cartoon figures instead of acknowledging situational gray areas and the complexities of character. Yes, let’s speak up for justice in the court system. But I’m absolutely stumped as to why thousands rallied on behalf of a bunch of ridiculously violent young men who beat another human being unconscious. They did this over some fake nooses? What a slap in the face to our ancestors who faced REAL threats to their lives and fought back with intelligence and dignity.

  • Ike Turner

    Why do YOU ignorant black people continue to co-sign anything that the head shyster Al Sharpton and his new “son” Micheal Baidsen bring up????? Dumb ass sheep!!!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    First of all blacks rallied behind the young people in question because things like them being disrepected and disregarded have been happening to “us” (black people) for years and our voices don’t seem to get any respect (for reason’s like the youngsters showing disrepect for OUR cause — and flauting the money in a disrepectful way) but nevertheless they could have been me or my kin…or (black) neighbor or friend. Just because these individuals turned out to be ungrateful… we still have to support our own as a people. Not everyone would be so ignorant.

  • Louisiana Resident

    look at yall accusing people….is the photo dated?…NOPE. yall dont know how old that photo is…that could be a damn FEMA check he flossing…get a grip. pay attention to the REAL issue at hand and STOP trying to cause more confusion than necessary.

  • LetMeTellYa

    I believe it’s true, too. At first I felt guilty for not donating, thinking that it’s too easy to be scammed; not anymore. For those saying “Why rally around criminals?”, it’s not because they didn’t deserve jail time because they definitely did. With the combination of race relations in Jena, at least according to some residents, the informal rule that white kids were the only ones “allowed” to sit under a tree, and the usual punishment given for a crime like this, why should the boys have been facing decades in prison; people have killed receiving less time than they were facing.

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