Microwave Matrimony-dom: Did Nnamdi Asomugha Kick His Baby Mama Curbside After Catching Feelings For Kerry Washington???

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Is she a homewrecker after all? Or was he single and fair game? Word on the curb is that Kerry Washington stayed quiet about her romance with new hubby Nnamdi Asomugha because she basically snatched him right up from a baby mama!

Via Terez Owens reports:

We were the first to bring the story to the net, that recently emmy nominated actress Kerry Washington married Nnamdi Asomugha. Well now we’re being told, when Nnamdi first met Kerry, he was heavily involved with his baby mother. Once Nnamdi got a vibe from Kerry, he pretty much kicked his baby mama to the curb. At least he followed thru with Kerry, and gave her a ring to hold on to.-

As irony would have it, Nnamdi was also the victim of a baby mama “Catfishing” attempt this year. Here are the deets also via Terez Owens:

So Nnamdi Asomugha of the Eagles has a fake baby Momma. He has NEVER seen this girl before, he never knew she existed. She is claiming to have a 3 year old son name Blaked. She’s hiding behind a girl (her old friend) name Brittany Parker’s pictures. The FAKE BABY MOMMA is going by BENITA. She is reaching out to different NBA players gfs/ bms, and telling them sad stories on how she just found out she had cancer and she needs money for her treatments. She has been doing this with the same group of girls since 2007″ Nowadays you have to be very careful who you trust, especially in these Catfish days we live in.

Kerry and Nnamdi seem to have something in common — pretty shaky romantic histories! Is their matrimony-dom built to last or do you think it’s a “Scandal” in the making?

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