Uh, Really???? Rae Dawn Chong “Apologizes” For “Fat Beyotch Field N****r” Oprah Diss, Says It Was Actually A Compliment! [Video]

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Rae Dawn Op feat

You got some ‘splain’ to do ma’am…

Rae Dawn Chong Issues Apology For N-Word Tirade Against Oprah Winfrey

According to TMZ reports:

Rae Dawn Chong says TMZ caused her a world of hurt by running only a portion of her tirade against Oprah Winfrey … and her comments, including calling O a “field n**ger” were actually intended as a compliment.

RDC just released a video statement in which she does not apologize … although she says she regrets using the N-word to describe her former “Color Purple” co-star.

As you know, Rae mused that Oprah wasn’t fit to be a “house n**ger” but would be relegated to a “field n**ger” back in the day …although Ray thinks “back in the day” is 60 years ago.

Frankly the video is hard to follow, Rae never explains how she intended the N-word to serve as a compliment.

She also never explains how calling Oprah fat, ugly and a brown-noser is high praise.

You can hear/watch the complete statement in the video below.

Why not just say “I’m sorry, I was wrong” and keep it movin’? This reminds us of the bullisht “apology” that Officer Ricky Rozay offered in reference to his “U.O.E.N.O.” lyrics.

Image via TMZ

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