Forever Trouble: 10 Celebrity Men Who Are Good At Being Bad

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Chad Ochocinco has his new contract restructed from $3 million to $1 million Celebrities and their antics can be pretty outrageous. However, these celebrity men stay in hot water. Here are 10 celebrity men who are notorious bad boys.
charlie-sheen-online-show-crazy-hair-600x303 Charlie Sheen Charlie is hardcore. He shot Kelly Preston in the arm, pulled a knife on Brooke Mueller and threatened to kill Denise Richards. Why is he still walking free?
BobbyBrownMugshot2 Bobby Brown Bobby put Whitney through it. He spit in her face...if a dude spit in our face, you wouldn't be able to find him for weeks. We're surprised Bobby is still alive between jail and his past drug use. He's like the killer Michael Meyers in "Halloween." He just won't kick the bucket.
chris-brown-on-drugs1 Chris Brown Chris Brown is a bad boy by default. Maybe there is some secret Illuminati conspiracy against him because trouble just won't leave him alone.
chiefkeef Chief Keef Chief Keef is Bobby Brown 2.0. Ninja stays getting arrested for dumb isht and going right back to jail. Cops don't love Sosa.
Iyanla-and-DMX DMX After seeing DMX on "Fix My Life," we wanted to give him a hug. Dude reminds us of Tyrone Biggums.
FFN_Bieber_Justin_FLYNETUK_030813_51032804 Justin Bieber Justin is your average entitled white boy. He's pissing in buckets when he has a million dollar mansion where he can pee freely. Hell, he could pay someone to let him piss on them.
50-CENT-WENNfeat 50 Cent 50 destroyed $7,000 of his on isht and got put on blast for his secret baby mama. Why did 50 flip out? Did Daphne finally demand he sign the birth certificate?
Chad Ochostinko Chad had everything: the woman, the career and the money. He just had to slap that lawyer on the azz... ol' suspect looking ninja.
flava-flav_chicken Flavor Flav Flavor Flav is the bad boy of chicken cause that restaurant was a horrible idea. Flav sets black people back 500 years.
sandra bullock scorned Jesse James Jesse did Sandra hella dirty. Thank God she didn't take the Amanda Bynes route and start piff-puffin' to her lungs were black and blue. Sandra dodged a bullet.

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