That Bish Cray: DWade’s Ex-Wife Siovaughn Holds A “Protest” Against Him On Chicago Street Claiming She’s Broke And Homeless!

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Siovaughn protest

Wait, whaaaat?!?!

Siovaughn Wade Sits On Chicago Street In Protest Of Dwyane Wade

Just when we thought the ongoing saga of Dwyane Wade and his looney tunes ex-wife Siovaughn had come to a close, here we are again.

Yesterday Deadspin began receiving pictures from Chicago residents of Siovaughn sitting on a sweltering hot street corner ranting about how broke she is and how it’s all Dwyane’s fault!

2 weeks ago it was announced that Siovaughn was suing DWade for $1 million. She claimed that she was owed the money based on their divorce agreement that stated she would be paid royalties from his various endorsements with Gatorade, Li-Ning, etc.

3 days later (yes, 3 days) We received confirmation that Siovaughn had dropped the suit entirely, which led us to believe that perhaps Dwyane broke her off a couple dollars get her life together and avoid the courtroom.

Now we’re not so sure about the money, but what we ARE 100% positive of is that Siovaughn is couple sandwiches short of a picnic. If she wants to put him on blast she needs to make her beef known, or forever hold her peace.

Siovaughn’s lil spectacle didn’t go unnoticed by the NBA champion, flip it on over to see his hilarious response…

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