True Or False? Is Vanessa Bryant Carrying Another Gut Full Of Dirty Dog Baller???

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Say word??

Kobe Bryant Posts Instagram Picture Suggesting Vanessa Bryant May Be Pregnant

Yesterday, Kobe Bryant posted a picture on Instagram suggesting that either he and Vanessa are working on a 3rd child, OR she’s already pregnant!

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 8.06.11 AM

The caption reads:

“IO non sono IO. Senza di TE #Iloveyou #parisnights =3rd bimbo ;)? I love you my Baby! 4.E.4A+1”

For those of you not fluent in Italian, the phrase translates to:

“I am not myself. Without you.”


The part that caught our attention was the “#ParisNights = 3rd bimbo” part. Although it sounds like Kobe is asking for a 3-way with a bimbo (which wouldn’t surprise us considering his shady past), he is actually asking for a 3rd child!

Paris must be the new place that celebrities go to knock boots and get knocked up as Humpback Hov and Beyawnsay also claimed that baby Blue Ivy was conceived in “The City of Light”.

We’ll definitely be on the look out to see if Vanessa’s belly starts to swell up like Kimmy Cakes ankles!

Flip it on over to see the photo that Vanessa posted confirming whether or not she is knocked up…

Image via Twitter/Instagram

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