So Sorry: A Gallery Of Musicians Who Apologized For Their Music

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Musicians Who Apologized For Their Music

Musicians are supposed to be rebels. They’re supposed to say whatever they want and not care about what anyone thinks. But when endorsements get involved and money can be lost, people have to break out the apologies.


Lil Wayne – He apologized for his Emmett Till lyrics.


Rick Ross – He apologized for his lyrics that implied date rape with a Molly. Gotta protect that Reebok deal.


Drake – He apologized to Vanessa Bryant over his lyrics about shooting in the gym. But we know he meant it.


Janet Jackson – She had to apologize for putting her boob out during the Super Bowl.


J. Cole – He apologized for his lyrics about autism. It actually seemed heartfelt.

Jay-Z and Nas - Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas' Life Is Good at Bagatelle

Jay-Z – He had to apologize for rapping about him chopping down wife’s baby momma.


Eminem – He called Diddy to preemptively apologize for lyrics he would make about Diddy’s then-girlfriend J. Lo.


Master P – He apologized for cursing and decided to clean up his act. Whatever.


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